July 29, 2003

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i am going to try to make a shirt, something like my Richard Jones shirt, but this time in colour (and not featuring Richard Jones). So i guess it won't be at all like my Richard Jones shirt, which is good i guess becasue i really never wear that shirt.

On a different note, something got into the garbage that was outside, which doesn't sound all that strange, but this thing actually opened the garbage shed thing to get to the garbage, which is kind of frightening. What evils lurk in my yard at night? who knows.

something sneaky, that's for sure.

so, my cd player keeps skipping, and I just got a bunch of new cds, so it is very frustrating.


I am thinking about getting the new Jane's Addiction cd.

should I? should I?

I need advice.

please help me.

she sparkled at 12:14 a.m.